About Ugari

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Ugari Ugari is a little village spreading over a large area in the west of Kenya, near the Tanzanian border and Lake Victoria. This rural area is hilly and carved through by little valleys. Most of the connecting “roads” are simply paths that can only be used on foot during the rainy season.
The approximately 1000 inhabitants of the village live in adobe huts and work on small to middle-sized fields and produce only what they need themselves. Additionally they own cows, oxen, sheep, goats and chicken. Oxen are used in the fields and are not slaughtered until they are very old. All kinds of labour are performed by hand. That’s why the children of the usually big families have to help at an early age already.

Day begins at sunrise at about 6 am and ends for all work outside the house at sunset at about 7 pm. In the evening the women cook dinner in a separate kitchen. The day ends with dinner and evening payer together.

Field work Adobe hut The women carry water from the well
Cooking with naked flame A path in Ugari. The children help at work.


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