About the School

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In 2005, the St. Juliane Ugari Mixed Secondary School was founded by the villagers and Juliane Kunert, a volunteer from Germany, who was teaching in the primary school at that time. The school should give the children of the village the chance of a higher education and a better future.
The first class was started with only the most basic means in January 2007. The already existing primary section provided the new initiative with a classroom and a little staff room. Mr. Titus Okoyo, inhabitant of the village and teacher in another secondary school, taught the pupils voluntarily together with some A-level graduates. The school could be kept going by fundraising occasions organized by the villagers.

The School in August 2008. Two unfinished classrooms. For two years, the Secondary School was run under these conditions.

In March 2008 the school board made the first important step. It was recognized by the state and registered. At the same time the school got the first teacher employed by the state. Mr. Rabet Onyango Abidha has led the school since then and through his efforts the school has become more professional. His aim has been to improve the school’s building and teaching quality and to show the state that one can achieve much without corruption.

In August 2009 the State of Kenya gave 5000€ for the building of two classrooms. In the meantime three classes were being taught, but the secondary school could not function independently yet. At that time the working conditions for teachers and pupils were still very difficult.
In October 2009 the “Wilten Boys’ Choir” could help the school financially a lot with their fundraising concert “Children for Children”. Simon Fitz handed over the collected sum of €34.825,40 personally. An administrative block, a classroom, a kitchen, a dormitory for boys and a teachers’ building were erected quickly. Additionally, furniture, water tanks and school utensil were acquired.

The new kitchen is ready. The new administration block and another classroom, next to the original classroom. The finished classrooms.

In March 2010 St. Juliane Ugari Mixed Secondary School separated from the primary school. This move brought about a considerable improvement of teaching quality. With the help of the “Wilten Boys’ Choir” and the extension of the school buildings the number of pupils rose quickly.
Meanwhile pupils undertake walks of more than an hour to be able to attend the school. Academically the school has improved too. The school can be compared with the other good schools in the district, due to the discipline demanded from teachers and pupils by Mr. Rabet. This can be proved by the district wide tests, which make the comparison of the schools possible.

In October and November 2010, St. Juliane Ugari Mixed Secondary School took part in the statewide final examinations for the first time.
Thus Mr. Rabet and the “Wilten Boys’ Choir” took a second, big step towards their aim to provide a better future for the children. The school has become famous as a precious achievement in a large area already. With the second fundraising concert we were able to supply the school with the lacking necessary infrastructure, and thus provide fair education for girls and boys.

Mush for lunch. As of now, pupils still eat outside. In the classroom.
Isaya and Edward, next to the commemorative plaque. Girls in the school's garden. The School.
Pupils in front of the administration block.

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